Guaranteed Access

NCUK’s International Foundation Year programme offers guaranteed access to the world’s leading universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and more. JAC as a study centre ensures that the students are well-prepared for university education. The key skills such as mastering English and other subjects students wish to pursue are undertaken with rigorous preparation.
JAC provides the preparation in a way so that students achieve the minimum required grades for guaranteed access to NCUK’s universities. However, required grades vary according to the university and students are advised to share their university of interest as early as possible. Our student support team will guide you on each and every step to progress to the university. The first crucial step to getting into the best university is the NCUK score and in order to achieve a good score, our faculties will be providing all learning support. Students are guided throughout the programme with the required skills in each module.
Moreover, students are given the opportunity to attend university information sessions on a regular basis given directly by university representatives. The session includes the Q&As with presenters allowing students to receive precise information during their journey of preparing for university. Learning the requirements and about the application process enable students to increase their chances of getting into the university. Our programmes come with a package of student support and guidance. The services include choosing the correct courses, writing university applications, visa process, etc.

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